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deca durabolin pills

Nootropic agent has an effect on the nervous system in different ways: modify neurotransmission in the brain; It improves the conditions conducive to the neuronal plasticity; improves microcirculation by acting on the rheological properties of blood and causing vasodilation. The use of piracetam in patients with cerebral dysfunction increases concentration and improves cognitive deca durabolin pills function, which is accompanied by changes in EEG (increased α and β activity, decreased activity of σ). It helps restore cognitive function due to various disorders such as hypoxia, intoxication, or electroconvulsive therapy. It reduces the duration of induced vestibular neyronita. Piracetam increased inhibits aggregation of activated platelets and, in the case of pathological rigidity erythrocyte deformation and improves their ability to filtration.
After oral administration Piracetam is rapidly and almost completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Well into the various organs and tissues. Bioavailability is about 95%. It penetrates the blood-brain and the placental barrier, as well as through the membranes used in hemodialysis. In animal studies piracetam selectively accumulates in the brain cortex tissues, mainly in the frontal, parietal, and occipital lobes, cerebellar and basal ganglia. It binds to plasma proteins, not metabolized in the body and excreted by the kidneys unchanged by renal filtration.
Pharmacokinetics piracetam not altered in patients with hepatic failure.


Symptomatic treatment of intellectual-mental disorders in the absence of established diagnosis of dementia. Reduction of cortical myoclonus manifestations in sensitized patients piracetam both as monotherapy and as part of combination therapy. (In order to determine the sensitivity to piracetam in a particular case, a trial course of treatment can be carried out).


– Hypersensitivity to deca durabolin pills piracetam or pyrrolidone derivatives, as well as other components of the preparation;
– hemorrhagic stroke;
– End-stage chronic renal failure;
– Huntington’s disease.


– Violation of hemostasis;
– extensive surgery;
– after dental procedures;
– concomitant use of anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents, including acetylsalicylic acid (in antiplatelet doses);
– heavy bleeding;
– patients at risk of bleeding (gastric ulcer);
– chronic renal failure (creatinine clearance of 20-80 ml / min).

Pregnancy and lactation

Preclinical studies have shown no direct or indirect effects on pregnancy, embryo / fetal, parturition or postnatal development. Controlled studies of the drug during pregnancy has not been. The concentration of the drug in infants up to 70-90% of its concentration in the blood of the mother.
The appointment of pregnancy is possible if the potential benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.
It should refrain from breast-feeding in the appointment of a woman piracetam.

Dosing and Administration

Inside, during a meal or on an empty stomach, with some liquid.
Warning! The last to take a single dose within 17 hours. If the memory disorders, intellectual disabilities: In 2,4-4,8 g / day in divided doses during the first few weeks, then move on to maintenance therapy of 2.4 g / day in 2 3 doses, can receive 1.2 g / day. Treatment of cortical myoclonus: Treatment is initiated with a dose of 7.2 g / day, increasing it by 4.8 g / day every 3-4 days to a maximum dose of 24 g / day. The daily piracetam dose should be divided into 2-4 reception. The dose of other drugs for the treatment of myoclonic jerks do not change. Then, in the future, based on the results of treatment are allowed to revise the dose of other medications for the treatment of myoclonic jerks. After the start of treatment piracetam treatment continues until the symptoms persist. In patients with acute course of the disease over time can be observed spontaneous improvement, so every 6 months should be to attempt to reduce the dose or eliminate the drug. To do this, reduce the dose of piracetam by 1.2 g every 2 days (every 3-4 days in the case of Lance syndromes and Adams, in order to avoid a sudden relapse myoclonus). It lets you know the average effective dose. Elderly patients with renal insufficiencyshould be corrected dose (see. Below “Renal impairment”). With prolonged treatment in order to determine the need for dose adjustment should regularly assess creatinine clearance. Renal insufficiencyPiracetam appears almost exclusively by the kidneys, in patients with renal impairment or requiring renal function monitoring should be careful. The half-life deca durabolin pills is increased in direct proportion to the deterioration of renal function and creatinine clearance ; this is also true for the elderly, who have a creatinine excretion is age-dependent. In this regard, the dose is adjusted according to the following table: hcg meals